Under the supervision of Tauqeer Ahmed Khan


Acme International offers a wide variety of ONLINE & CLASSROOM Islamic and Contemporary Educational courses which enables a person to gain knowledge and boost their natural talents and personality to find their purpose in life.

Our goal is to fully integrate the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah into the daily lives of our students.

Further, Acme International seeks to develop and expand each student's knowledge of Allah and Allah's relationship to mankind within an environment that encourages excellence in every area of life.



  1. Hifz o Nazrah Quran Course - Available
  2. Tajweed Course - Available
  3. Translation & Tafseer of The Holy Quran Course - Available
  4. Study of Hadith & Sunnah Course - Available
  5. Fiqah Course (Islamic jurisprudence) - Available
  6. Islamic Education Course (Certificate / Diploma) - Available
  7. Arabic Language with Quranic Arabic Course (Certificate/Diploma) - Available
  8. Spoken Arabic Language Course (Certificate) - Available
  9. Arabic poetry Course
  10. Ikhtilaf-e-ummat aur sirat-e-mustaqeem (Difference in the Ummat & Straight Path Course) - (Certificate)
  11. Seerat un Nabi (Sal'lal'laho Alaihe Wasallam) Course
  12. History of Islam Course
  13. Urdu Language Course (Certificate) - Available
  14. English Language Course (Certificate) - Available
  15. Basics of Primary School Subject Teaching Course - Available
  16. Learning & Communication Skill Development Course - Available
  17. Mind Map Course

Note: Online classes offered through Skype